Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To Rebuild A Deck When You're Alone ala Rube Goldberg

Tie the main post to a tree to keep it vertical,

Tie one end of the front support board to the corner post,

Drive a huge screw into the middle post and tie a rope to it,
then tie it around the other end of the board.

Go into the cabin and find a stool, a barrel, a paint can and bricks
to prop up the end of the board after you've pulled it up with the rope.

Go into the cabin again and get a garbage can, some bricks and some boards.
Lift the second board onto your piles of stuff and place-nail them to the posts.

Secure all your boards with screws after pre-drilling to avoid splitting the wood.
Measure and space your brackets, screw them in and place the support boards into brackets.
Measure and cut your deck boards and lay them on the cross supports (not shown). Be sure to leave a space between the boards so they don't heave when they absorb moisture.

(corny sign has since been taken down. I could only stand it for a few weeks)