Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Miracle Tree

Ten years ago I wound a twig around the corner post of my deck, 
thinking the green would be nice when it grew.
It did provide me with the leaves I had hoped for,
but as it grew larger, it separated the boards of my deck.
 I can forgive the irregular look of the deck, 
because this year, the little tree bore fruit: plums. 
I have no idea where the source tree is. 
I consider this a small miracle.
I picked them all except this one, which wasn't ripe yet.
I smashed them, strained them,
and made Knox blocks gelatin squares - 
no sugar added, only Stevia.


  1. Nature does amazing things. Nice to have the fruit!

  2. Yes! There's something soul satisfying about being in on the process from beginning to end. They look yummy!!

  3. How lovely! Hope you're well, X

  4. I'm with you, the deck is a small price to pay.

  5. Lovely story...
    One never knows what those little green twigs are. How lucky for you it was a Plum tree. Maybe a tossed pit from someones summer eating ?

    cheers, parsnip

  6. My daughter and I have good luck with "sticks". She started a willow tree which a year later is over six ft tall and flourishing. I received a stick and it grew into a lush cherry bush and used the cherries..

  7. Wow..these look so yummy!!I cant get one fruit to peek out at me and say hello....I will keep trying have inspired me so.Hugs,Cat

  8. Beautiful synchronicity!

  9. Dear Kass

    it was great to get your feedback in this Holiday box,
    I usually get blue in end of the year holidays and I'm using my art to try to heal part of those feelings.
    Why I'm sad, when everybody is happy buying gifts and celebrating a wannabe god in a form of a old mirth myth?
    Anyway the idea was exemplify everything in a simple cigar box.

    I just wish, if I could have this power( I'm still a romantic ) the whole world could really be one, without any religions of fake believes to obstruct the realm of reason.

    keep up
    your up beat



    I have a tree also growing in our deck, last Summer was a tiny branch, next summer will be covering the whole left side of the fancy... Is kind jepardazing the deck, but I think we gonna be able to maybe build a bigger one to keep it magic shades

  10. Wow! Nature will do what it's going to do, isn't that true!? Constantly fascinates me. You were industrious making all these good things. I'm duly impressed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading your thoughts here.

    Amazing that you now have a plum tree there. Cracks me up!

  11. FABULOUS!!!

    and your comment on my blog made me LAUGH!!!!

  12. omg that is so BAMF. lucky u, it is amiracle.

  13. Dear Kass: You have an excellent sense of artistic licensce with "redoing the undone" or utilit-artianism! The plum gelatin squares look lusciously delicious! Stevia is a wonder. I heard some store bought Stevia still has the dreaded aspartame...I found Stevia plants to grow so will search these out again for the coming season. The self-exam pic was a HOOT! hah! silent K getting louder all the time! I'm kneading more "K"!

  14. That is a miracle! I love it when nature surprises us - it's even better when natures surprises us bearing fruit!


  15. The wonder of the robust and determined plant, is matched by your recipe ingenuity.
    peace, love and applause from me

  16. Now you are pioneer woman harvesting your own bounty! I remember Knox Blox….my Mom used to make them for me because I bit my nails and she wanted me to eat them to make my nails stronger….now without polish my nails are really strong!